Soft, Quiet, Comfortable.

Carpet will provide the soft comfortable feel for rooms of rest and recovery. Carpet is ideal for bedrooms, lounge areas, theatres and stairs. It also provides great acoustic and insulation value.

Carpet will wear and stain in high traffic areas over a period of time. The type of material your carpet is produced with, the density, the style and the quality of manufacture will decide how long your carpet will last and is able to retain its beautiful appearance.

Newcastle Flooring has high-end wool carpets such as Hycraft at a reasonable price. We also have the most modern synthetic carpets from companies like Godfrey Hirst and Victoria Carpets.

High-quality installation is also an important factor. This will improve the appearance and longevity of your carpet. Newcastle Carpet and Flooring directly employs highly qualified installation crews and fully guarantees your installation.

Cut Pile or Twist Pile Carpet is very popular. The yarn ends are closely cropped to create a soft, luxurious finish. Cut pile carpets will show footprints and vacuuming. These carpets are usually soft and perfect to take your shoes off at the end of the day and dig your toes into. 

Loop pile carpets offer texture to any space. They have unique patterns and styles. Loop pile carpet is hard wearing and durable carpet that works well in medium to high-traffic areas. This carpet type is ideal for those that do not like the look of tracking and shading.