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Cork Flooring

An Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solution.

Cork Tiles are warm underfoot in winter and refreshingly cool in summer.

Cork flooring offers a sustainable and eco conscience alternative to hard flooring such as vinyl or hybrid, with a range of benefits, this new cork tile comes in a range of beautiful designs. Cork is hand harvested and is done by gently peeling away the outer bark of a the tree while no damage is made to the tree.

With cork being a naturally cushioning material, a benefit of this quality being that it offers high resilience, this in turn helps protect the flooring from dints, imprints and general foot traffic. This feature can also reduce reverberation and acts as a sound dampening structure, meaning it has good acoustic properties. 

For those with allergy concerns, cork contains anti-static properties and does not attract or hold onto pollen, dust, dust-mites, or any other allergens. 

With the added bonus of being highly water resistant, cork offers a fuss-free and eco conscious alternative to hard flooring. 

Our carpet and flooring store is located in Belmont and it is at a short driving distance from Caves Beach, Redhead, Warner’s Bay, Swansea and Lake Macquarie.

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