Carpet & Flooring

We employ our Flooring install teams

Higher Quality Work, Less Issues And A Better Customer Experience Why is it good for me if Newcastle Carpet and Flooring has its own in house directly employed installation teams? The subcontractor experience. The standard business model of a retail flooring store is to sell the flooring, get the work and then farm it out […]

A Stunning Oak Floor!

Malay Grey Engineered Flooring On Stairs Their Story Our customer built a beautiful new home near the beach in Caves Beach. Of course, the biggest decision with a new home is style and colour. Flooring is one of the most important decisions as it impacts each room.  Which flooring? Choosing a timber floor for this […]

Wool carpet – what is good about it?

Wool Carpet – naturally beautiful Beige Wool Loop Pile Carpet Wool carpet is elegant. Wool is naturally beautiful. We wear wool, sleep with wool, insulate with wool and walk on wool. To keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer wool carpet will help – it is a natural insulator. Premium durability. Woollen […]

Flooring types

Carpet Carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices for bedrooms and lounge rooms. Carpet is quiet and gives a sense of calming to your home. Carpet comes in a large range of colours and textures. Our showroom has a large selection for you so that you may add your personal style to any […]