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one customers five star flooring story

“The friendly “can do” attitude and excellent product and practical knowledge were amazing and made the whole process stress free.”

We had a visit from Tracey in store in April, when Covid was at its peak and there were little customers around. I was able to have a good chat with Tracey about her needs and what she really wanted. Tracey had been to several competitors stores who told her that her rounded stair meant she would have to have carpet – there were no other options and Tracey was feeling deflated and frustrated. The last thing she wanted was more carpet that would end up like this!

Stairs with warn out carpet
Rounded Stair
Boxing Out Stair Nose
Boxing out Rounded Stair

We all desire a home that works with our family and our lifestyle and so did Tracey. She desired to have a hard flooring on her stairs that would match the living areas in her home. We told her YES, We Can. Tracey was excited and pleased that we were able to achieve that with any hard flooring in our showroom. She could choose from Vinyl Planks, Hybrids, Oak Floating Floors, Laminates, or Native Timber Floating Floor. 

No longer deflated she could concentrate on the ranges and products to choose what she liked. Tracey was very happy. 

Tracey picked a Hybrid Flooring by Pegulan in the colour Northern Blue Gum. Tracey also picked out a carpet to install in other areas of her home.  David our trusted owner went out and measured her home for free and quoted her on the areas separately so that she could have them installed individually. Of course, Tracey had other questions about the install process, what other costs there are and how things worked. 

So, What did she choose and how did it turn out?

The Final result

hybrid flooring in northern blue gum

Staircase in Hybrid
Completed boxed stair in hybrid
Hybrid flooring in Hall

“I can not recommend these guys highly enough, after a couple of negative encounters with some competitors I was lucky enough to find Newcastle Carpet and Flooring. They have an extensive, quality range and very competitive prices. The friendly “can do” attitude and excellent product and practical knowledge by Larissa at the show room and Dave the owner were amazing and made the whole process so stress free. Ben the installer was punctual, extremely hard working and meticulous in his work. I have had a large portion of the house laid with hybrid flooring and will be going back for all carpet to finish off the house. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. These guys are brilliant!” Tracey

If you are looking for flooring solutions, a company that you can trust and a can do attitude then come and see us. We love helping our customers – all our staff have a great can do attitude. Samples are in store ready for you to choose from.  We look forward to your visit, so we can have a chat about your home and the ideal product for you. And we cannot wait to get a 5 star review from you too!